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At Global Hardwood and Supplies we are passionate about making our customers happy and providing them with premium grade flooring with the lowest prices guaranteed.  Up until recently we have been mostly catering to contractors and supplying flooring stores.  We just opened our doors to the general public. With specialized customer service it is hassle-free to shop with us.

We are dedicated to interior designing which is most evident to our flooring options.  We offer a wide range of in-style hardwood (bamboo, laminate) such as the unique high-fashion style of woods, American Cherry, North American Black Walnut, Zebrano Raw, Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Kempas, Santos Mahogany, San Palo Ipe, Rosewood, Acacia, Brazilian Walnut and more.  In proof of that, most our customers are floor contractors, that frequently visit our warehouses, seeking material for the same day and the lowest prices.  All of our un-finished flooring is Made in America and mostly comes from the Northern Mills Wood, which is consider a better cleaner wood and is harder than Southern Mills Wood.

            Global Hardwood is a wholesale and retail store with 3 warehouses.  This means manufactured back warranties, expert advice and proven end results for you.  Instead of selling online with a polished website and a risky shopping cart, we sell store front, so that you don’t have to take the risk of getting wood shipped from a random and unknown warehouse.

We are not wood liquidators, and we are not getting rid of any of our materials.  This means, if in the future (2 or 3 years later) if you want you to extend any rooms in your house, you would be able to find the material you want, in most cases.

We also have all the matching ACC for the material you are buying.

For you convince we have 3 locations.  Our original store opened over 30 years ago in Los Angeles Mid-Town, one in Downtown Los Angeles and our newest location in Thousand Oaks (TO), Ventura, which is having free delivery in most cases to Ventura County

Our hardwood (bamboo and laminate) flooring store in Los Angeles carries very high quality wood bamboo laminate floors that are in very high demand from home owners, business owners, home flippers, and especially investment property owners.  From our Los Angeles hardwood (bamboo and laminate) flooring store you can purchase high quality laminate flooring for the same price as carpeting.  We have over 500,000 sqft of inventory.

Lately many people have discovered they are allergic to dust, (mainly in carpeting) we have heard from all of our clients that renting a property with (hardwood, bamboo) laminate flooring is much more appealing to perspective tenants or buyers.  Landlords are finding that instead of replacing old carpet with new carpet, they can, for the same price, have long lasting, easily maintained and much nicer looking flooring by putting in laminate flooring.

We have the Biggest Selection for Wood Floors in Los Angeles

The C.E.O., Samuel Dina, has been a hardwood contractor for 30 years and shares his experience with every customer to help them with their project.

When asked whats sets Global hardwood aside from other stores, Samuel had this to say, “what set’s us aside from other hardwood flooring stores is that with my experience as a contractor for over 30 years I make sure home owners chooses the right materials to get the job done right the first time, and I have experience with many materials so I only choose to stock the best quality materials to avoid future problems.”

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